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Upgrade Your Garden Space

More and more people are working from home and trying to navigate the distractions of home life. It can be difficult to be productive, and a garden office can help to split the difference on this – you get a dedicated workspace that you can use away from the world.

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Build the Perfect Work Space at Home

Your typical garden room is a space which we feel is a must-have for everyone who wants to work from home. It helps to stop the commute and gives you a dedicated workspace you can use to get the ideal work-life balance without having to worry..

We have a lot of experience when it comes to creating the ideal garden office for a wealth of different spaces across the UK. We’ve been building offices for years, helping to install and create the best spaces for your needs.

We find that creating the ideal garden space is all about building something which is discreet and easy to work with. We strive for the best possible experiences and look to build office spaces which have all the comforts of home but the space needed to thrive.

We work to high standards to make sure that you get a garden office which will meet your expectations. We know how important it can be to make something which is suitable for you, after all. No matter what you need from a space, we can help design and create an option for you.

Our offices use double-glazing and help to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the year. Thanks to our focus on modern technology, it’s easy for us to build offices that meet your expectations and deliver winning results. We use a wide range of different options to make sure you get an experience which will work for you. It’s our unwavering commitment to service and ability to be flexible which helps set us apart.

Building Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Garden Offices

We feel that a good, vivid garden office is the best solution for anyone who wants to experience the full potential of a garden office for themselves. It helps you to get a dedicated work environment and also means that you can enjoy all the benefits of home.

As is the case with any workspace, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the garden office, so we know it is important to get it right above all else. We make sure to only work with tools and resources which are going to be suitable for your needs. Our building materials are designed to be thermally efficient and insulated, helping to make sure that you can do your part in helping to protect the planet while also enjoying a new office space.

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The Benefits of a Good Garden Office

A garden office will be much cheaper than other types of workspaces. Even with the installation costs, it’s still a better long-term investment than trying to rent an office.

There are plenty of benefits to a garden office. Let’s take a look at them:  


Bespoke and Flexible

The best thing about a garden office is that they use SIP panels in their construction. This helps to make something which is not only flexible but also bespoke.

A Guarantee For a Decade

We want to make sure you have the right peace of mind when it comes to a garden office, so we provide a guarantee with every purchase to ensure you’re happy.

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Ready to Go

We use a turnkey process to ensure that you get to stay involved in the design and building of your new garden office. We also help you to avoid the stress of bespoke building projects.

Low Maintenance Costs

When it comes to maintenance costs, we offer materials that are naturally tough and resilient. Thanks to modern components and quality materials, it’s easy to get the options you need for soundproofing, ventilation and more

We Handle Groundwork

We handle the groundwork for you, from site clearance to putting in the foundations.


Rarely Needing Planning Permission

Most new builds don’t require a lot of planning permission, so you can get them made a lot sooner than you think.

Double Glazing Available

We have a wealth of different options available for you to choose from. You can get access to double glazing and a solution that works for you regardless of your situation.

We Use Smart Technology

Smart technology was designed to make your space more convenient and secure. We use these amazing tools in our gardens rooms.

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The official definition of a garden office is a building which is separate from your home. It’s insulated and will often add value to the property.

There’s no single fixed cost for a garden room. You have the opportunity to customise your garden office to your liking, which means that you can pick the right tools for the job and pay a price you’re happy with.

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The big difference between a conservatory and a garden room is always the price. A conservatory is always attached to the property, and a garden office is separate from your home.

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