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External composite doors

We have designed a collection of composite exterior doors that have incredible attention to detail. All doors are finished to a high standard.
It’s normal to think of your front door as a symbol of your family and home. It needs to suit your individual tastes. That’s why we are here to help you choose a new door for your needs. It needs to be perfect, and we understand that.
When you choose one of our doors, you get a high-quality product made to provide thermal efficiency and safety. A proper door will last a lifetime – we build them to stand the test of time.

Efficient and Secure


The doors we create meet the highest standards and will last for decades. Composite doors don’t crack or rot and don’t need repainting.

All our doors offer weather resistance and are energy efficient. They’ll help bring your bills down.

Performance Guaranteed

Our doors are fitted with multi-point locks to guarantee security. These are doors which look good but keep intruders out.

Composite doors Range

Silka Collection

Silka doors are some of the most luxurious and bespoke. The texture of Silka is different to anything else in our range.

Traditional Collection

The Traditional connection is designed to offer a timeless look which enhances a home while offering the typical security of modern doors.

Contemporary style

You’ll enjoy clean lines and polished details.

Stable Style Doors

The stable style works best for lazy summer days. It helps to provide security while helping to let air in. They’re also charmingly rustic.

Our Silka Door Collection


Our design team has created a range of doors which are contemporary in design and features. The Silka texture has a sleek texture which is different to anything else we have.

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Why Choose Silka Doors?

A Silka door is a unique structure – you won’t find another like it. It’s made with modern materials, airtight seals and a tough frame. Our range of composite doors are all made with a wealth of benefits.


The Best Security

Every door that we make for you comes with a multi-point locking system. You also get a polyurethane core which exceeds police-approved standards for security.



All our doors are made with our security experts, who have a constantly evolving knowledge of the threats your home will face. They can help you protect your home from intruders.

Airtight Seals

All our doors are made with a double airtight seal, making it impossible for any moisture or cold air to pass through.

Intruder-Proof Doors

You can rest easy knowing that our doors are reliable and built to keep intruders out. You’ll be safe 24/7.

Built to Last

All of our doors are built to last, having high levels of strength. We build a mesh reinforcing into the polyurethane core, making for a tough, dense door. It exceeds all the major police standards for security purposes.

Artboard 2


All the elements in the door are insulated, with our glass being triple glazing for insulation purposes. You can be sure that heat will stay trapped inside - we can even use gas to improve thermal performance.

Bespoke DESIGN
All of our doors can include five lines that are spaced from the bottom to the top, running the full width of a door. This helps to enhance the aesthetic design.
A normal part of our products is the glass glazing trims which are available. We bond glass directly onto the ceramic border, which helps to create a modern, sleek design.
We’ve chosen black and anthracite grey for our modern colour range. These colours help to keep the design of our doors looking fresh and bespoke.

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You can change your front door without planning permission! However, we suggest consulting your local authority regardless. You might find that there are rules attached to your property or area which impact what you can do to the home.

There are a lot of factors which can influence the price of a front door. These include things like the design, material, installation costs, and whether the right locks and fittings are included. You can buy cheap doors as just blocks of wood, but they need a lot of work to make perfect.

On the other hand, we sell doors which come with all the hardware and locks installed, and we’ll include installation costs in the final price.

Each material for a front door provides a different benefit. For example, UPVC gives you good protection and high quality.

Composite doors often use a solid piece of wood to create a stunning door which is durable and strong. You can even use aluminium, which is an alternative best suited to commercial buildings.

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