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Introducing a Touch of French Glamour

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French Patio doors

A French door is good for extending your home, helping to create the illusion of space and introducing more light. You can use them to create attractive openings for the patio and garden.

Glazing is a great thing because it allows you to bring a lot of light through the building all at once, and it helps to create space even when the door is closed. It’s definitely one of the best things about French doors which provide you with easy access to the outdoor space, as well as letting you vent fresh air into the home quickly.

Discover the materials of French doors

PVC Balcony Doors

French doors made of PVC are the best choice for most homes. They are incredibly energy efficient. PVC French doors require little to no maintenance, and they are also cost-effective.

  • Budget friendly
  • 10-year warranty
  • Double and triple glazing

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Aluminium French doors

If you want a healthy combination of durability and style, you choose aluminium French doors. These are made of aluminium frames which are slim and tough all at once. Plus, they are available in a vast range of colours.

  • Durable construction
  • Over 200 colors
  • Slim, lightweight frames

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explore the other Patio doors solutions

Sliding doors

Bi-folding doors

For your inspiration…

All of the doors that we create are known for being tough and reliable. They have good workmanship and a timeless design. This makes them a great choice for any homeowner who is looking to get something a bit different.


You don’t need to get any planning permission to install French doors. They are already covered under permitted development rules. However, we always recommend checking to make sure that there are no overriding rules for your local area or your specific property.

Technically, you can make a double French door if you reverse the hinges so it opens into a room. However, this is thought by many to be less practical than a door that simply opens one way or the other.

Your average French door is secure and just as safe as a normal front door. We use the same high-quality security tools to make sure that your doors are going to be safe, from tough security glass to multipoint locks.

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