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Sliding Patio doors

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Sliding doors

Patio doors have something of a unique nature – you can put furniture near the door, which helps with decoration. 

A good door almost floats on a stainless steel guide, and this makes for easy, hassle-free access with minimal hassle.

Why choose Patio Doors?

Due to the unique nature of its operation – Patio doors allow you to place furniture and other items near the door. The patio door almost floats on the stainless steel guides, which allows for trouble-free opening and closing, and the glazing actually gives the impression of more space. Thermally efficient and safe, our sliding patio doors can be tailored to your exact requirements.

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Two Different Materials to Pick From

UPVC Patio doors

We offer custom-made UPVC doors. They’re available in a wealth of different colours, and all fit perfectly into the available space you have. Doors we make for you are specialist and can have a span of up to 3m for each leaf, meaning that it’s possible to open and see the best views possible.

The benefits of this type of door include being easy to maintain, being available in a wealth of different colours and options, and being resistant to rusting or peeling.

aluminium Patio doors

Typical patio doors that are made from aluminium are often elegant but slim. You can use them to maximise the glazing of the door, which helps to improve the natural light.

There are a lot of benefits to aluminium patio doors, including the following:

  • They add a unique, contemporary design,
  • You can get them in a range of different colours,
  • They have a slimline profile which you can use to let even more light into the home.

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All the doors that we create are carefully chosen to give you the best results.
All of our designers value durability, workmanship and elegance.


Lots of homeowners have the same idea that a patio door is easy to break into because it’s just made of glass. This is simply not true. Modern double glazing is very tough, and most intruders won’t risk smashing glass because it makes too much noise.

We build doors which are made to be tough and durable. They use modern materials and security methods to make them safe and reliable.

Your typical patio door is 2.1m high. You can get patio doors in a number of panels, anywhere from 2 to 4 panels. They’re definitely a few things to keep in mind when trying to choose the right door panel for you. The size of your opening will influence the panels you pick.

When trying to compare doors, you need to understand that there is no choice which is the best. Each one simply has different benefits that you can take advantage of.

There are definitely advantages to being able to open an entire section of your door with a bi-fold model. However, the trade-off for this is the fact that your typical bi-fold door doesn’t have a very slim frame. Patio doors do, which makes them less obstructive in some cases.

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