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Casement Windows

Stylish, secure and energy efficient. Our casement windows offer both high security and energy efficiency. Not only that, but they’re also friendly to the environment being 100% recyclable and completely lead-free (meeting EU and UK legislation ahead of time).

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Features & Benefits

Detail of UPVC oak casement window with Heritage monkey tail peg stay in antique black.

Casement windows are some of the most popular in the UK. You can choose from a wealth of designs, styles and colours, with the ability to customise using our tools.

Detail of chrome Connoisseur Handle lock system in Nut tree colour window in East Sussex house.

Safety is one of the big benefits you get from casement windows. We use Yale locking systems and offer a guarantee to protect your property for longer.

Detail of sculptured Sash Casement window frame in Golden Oak colour in East Sussex house.

Casement windows are built to last a long time. You can maintain them with only the occasional cleaning. UPVC is a strong material which can’t rot or rust, and it’s also recyclable!

A fitter installs glass in a white Sash window at a window factory in Sussex.

Our casement windows are designed to help keep your home warm and quiet all year. We use A-rated glass, which helps to retain more insulation than typical double glazing. Thanks to airtight windows, noise pollution and heat loss are kept to a minimum.

Subtle But Effective

We use bespoke sealing methods to keep the wind and rain out while maintaining a stylish exterior. The seal helps to conceal the hardware inside the window, and any water that does penetrate the window is removed using an integrated gutter.

Three cross-sections of white UPVC windows profiles: chamfered style, sculptured and flush style with double glazing option.

A Range of Colours

We offer a wealth of colours to give you plenty of choices while still maintaining sleek designs.

Our Window Handle Collection

The Connoisseur Handle

This classic design combines traditional and contemporary elements to make a timeless window design. It’s suitable for both left and right-handed openings and comes in a wealth of colours.

The Monkey Tail Handle

The monkey tail handle uses 19th-century ironmongers as the basis for its design. Made from toughened zinc, this comes in a range of designs.

The Teardrop Handle

The teardrop handle is our tribute to the past - a traditional teardrop handle with an ergonomic design. It’s perfect for most parts of the home and looks great in traditional rooms.

The Glass Options

We offer a wealth of glass patterns and effects for your home. Our products can all be made with toughened glass to enhance security.
We have a selection of options for you to explore and plenty of choices to create a perfect match. Choosing the right design is vital for preserving the look and culture of your building.

Our Georgian, Astragal and Leaded Bars

We have a wealth of Georgian, Astragal and leaded bars that you can use to make sure you keep your building safe but also culturally and aesthetically intact.

Need more help?

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