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Water features to Complement your garden

Here at River ODP our ethos is built upon creativity, passion and longevity, we specialise in crafting custom water features, utilising a diverse set of skills and knowledge perfectly tailored to address the technical complexities inherent in modern and contemporary water features design.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

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Exploring the Benefits of Incorporating
Water Features into Your Garden


Gardens serve as sanctuaries for the senses, offering captivating sights, soothing sounds, and delightful fragrances. Beyond its sensory allure, water holds practical significance in garden design. While its ability to soothe and calm is well-known, water features like fountains offer more than just aesthetic pleasure. They serve a functional purpose, providing essential hydration for plants. Additionally, verdant foliage thrives near water sources, enhancing the overall beauty of the garden. Garden ponds and natural swimming pools further enrich the landscape by attracting wildlife, fostering a biodiverse ecosystem within your garden oasis.

Serenity and Calm

Discover More Benefits of Water Features

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Fountains serve as stunning focal points in the garden, adding elegance and charm to the overall landscape. Their graceful designs and soothing flows create a calming vista that enhance most outdoor spaces, turning them in to a beautiful tranquil place to be.

Relaxation and Stress Relief

The gentle sound of flowing water creates a tranquil atmosphere, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels for those nearby. The calming effects of the water features help create a peaceful rest spot where one can unwind and recharge amidst the soothing ambiance.

Wildlife Attraction

Water features act as magnets for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, enhancing the biodiversity of the garden. The presence of water features attracts various creatures, transforming the garden into a vibrant ecosystem and offering enjoyable opportunities to observe the natural world.

Temperature Regulation

In hot weather, the evaporative cooling effect of water features helps lower temperatures in the surrounding area, creating a more comfortable environment for outdoor activities. The refreshing breeze generated by the water features adds to the overall cooling effect, making the garden a pleasant oasis on hot summer days.

Improved Air Quality

Water features like fountains or waterfalls help humidify the air, which can be beneficial for both plants and human respiratory health. The moisture released into the atmosphere by the fountain and other water features contributes to better air quality, creating a healthier environment for garden dwellers and plants alike.

Social Gathering Point

Water features create a focal point for social gatherings and outdoor entertaining, serving as a gathering spot for friends and family. Whether it’s for casual afternoon tea or an evening garden party, the different types of water feature like fountains provides a serene backdrop for memorable moments amidst the beauty of mother nature.

WATER and its charm
in your garden space

Elevate the serenity and calming effect of your garden by introducing the captivating allure of water features. Let River ODP help you transform your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis with our bespoke designs and expert installation services.

Exploring Types of Water Features


Water features utilise water in varied imaginative ways. These can include fountains, garden ponds, waterfalls, streams, or even artificial lakes. They not only add character to the garden but also create a relaxing atmosphere and captivating aesthetics. Fountains, for instance, come in diverse styles such as classical, modern, or naturalistic, each offering unique visual appeal. Garden ponds or swimming ponds provide habitat for aquatic plants and wildlife, enhancing biodiversity in the garden. Waterfalls and streams add dynamic movement and soothing sounds, contributing to a tranquil ambiance. Artificial lakes can serve as focal points, reflecting surrounding landscapes and providing a sense of serenity. Overall, water features are versatile additions that elevate the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces.

Garden Fountains

The soothing sound of water in a fountains has been shown by extensive scientific research to promote relaxation and minimise stress levels. Therefore, installing a fountains can have a positive impact not only on the appearance of your garden but also on your mental well-being, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting at the office desk and require a tranquil outside space to relax by.

A fountains can be installed by professional building company in a garden ponds or as a standalone structure. Building company River ODP offer a wide range of options, you’ll find traditional stone or concrete tiered fountains, some with striking sculptures in a romantic style. Rustic gardens can enhance their charm by installing barrel fountains or traditional vessel forms. Meanwhile, modern gardens often opt for sleek stone, metal, or even spherical glass fountains.

Tiered water fountains

Tiered fountains are a prevalent and frequently employed concept in water features. They typically consist of a central spout feeding into multiple tiers of pools below. Starting from the top pool, water cascades downward into each successive tier until it reaches the bottom pool. From there, it is pumped back up to the spout to perpetuate the cycle.

Wall fountains & sconces

Decorating walls with stylish spouts and sconces offers lots of choices. They come in ornate or simple designs, with shape forms of people, animals, or beautiful patterns. Usually, they have a pool at the bottom where the water collects before being pumped back up to the spout.

Vertical spouts & bubblers

In hot weather, the evaporative cooling effect of fountain water helps lower temperatures in the surrounding area, creating a more comfortable environment for outdoor activities. The refreshing breeze generated by this water features adds to the overall cooling effect, making the garden a pleasant oasis on hot summer days.

Pedestal fountains

Pedestal fountains serve as elegant focal points, typically featuring a modest vertical spout, often adorned with classical or neo-classical elements like an urn or fluted bowl atop a pedestal base.

Ideal for compact spaces or as attention-grabbing accents, these fountains come in various materials such as natural stone, reconstituted stone, or concrete. TOP TIP: For a weathered, timeless appearance consider applying a diluted plain yogurt solution to the surface to promote lichen growth.

Flowing jugs

For those seeking distinctive and inventive water features concepts, consider the allure of cascading jugs. These can be placed along a garden pond’s perimeter or acquired as freestanding fixtures complete with a pump. Cascading jugs introduce an element of refinement to your outdoor space, accompanied by the soothing sound of trickling water.

Opt for a classic terracotta jug for a timeless appeal or opt for a sleek metal rendition for a contemporary touch. Wildlife will be drawn to your garden oasis for a refreshing sip, allowing you to sit back and relish the tranquil ambiance.

Rockery fountains, pebble piles & babbling brooks

These fountains utilise rocks and stones to craft a naturally picturesque environment. Water flows or cascades through the rocks into a lower reservoir, from where its recirculated back to the top. Known as “Babbling Brook” or rockery fountains, they evoke a charmingly rustic ambiance and are ideal for cottage gardens or similar landscapes. It’s advisable to opt for local stone or let building company River ODP offer a complementary match when constructing these water features. Their design aims for a seamless integration with the property and surrounding landscape, enhancing their natural allure.

Water sculptures

A water sculpture offers an ideal opportunity to create a striking focal point in your garden, and it doesn’t have to adhere to conventional styles. Instead of the usual cherub statues commonly found in public gardens and grand estates, consider a contemporary, avant-garde water sculpture or a design that reflects your personality. For instance, some of the water fountains featured here on the building company River ODP website would be a perfect match for gardening enthusiasts and garden dwellers alike.

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Rockery fountains
Water sculptures
Water walls & Rain curtains

Cascades & Falls

Cascading water, akin to an open fire or the captivating allure of a sunset, naturally enthrals humans with its visual spectacle, soothing sounds, and dynamic energy. There’s a primal appeal to this phenomenon, seemingly hardwired into our instincts. If you seek tranquility and harmony in your garden, a cascade might be the perfect choice among other water features.

Its size and scale are only limited by your garden’s dimensions and your budget, but it’s crucial to consider the cost and energy consumption involved in cycling and pumping water throughout the feature for sustainability.

Water walls & Rain curtains

Rain curtains are a straightforward yet striking design element that guides movement within the garden. Positioned alongside walkways, they introduce a dramatic touch. Additionally, those water features serve as effective visual barriers between different garden areas or to obscure views that are challenging to block using traditional methods.

waterfalls & cascades

Small artificial waterfalls offer an impressive fountain idea, especially for tiered gardens. Mimicking the natural cascade of a waterfall, this feature can provide a sense of tranquility with a continuous flow of water downward. You can create a small garden pond at the base and pump water back up to maintain a steady flow. While installing an artificial waterfall in the garden may require some effort, once installed, it requires minimal maintenance and can continue to provide serenity in the outdoor space for many years.

Garden weirs and mini cascades

Garden weirs and mini cascades add a touch of natural beauty and tranquility to any outdoor space. These water features mimic the gentle flow of water found in nature, creating a soothing atmosphere. Whether placed in a garden ponds or incorporated into a landscaped garden, they provide visual interest and the calming sound of running water, enhancing the overall ambiance of the garden.

Water blades & scuppers

Water blades and scuppers are ingenious additions to any wall, offering a captivating water features with minimal fuss. Scuppers, essentially water channels cut into a wall, when paired with water blades, create a mesmerising sight. They are particularly effective when integrated into decorative feature walls, often featuring a natural swimming pools at the wall’s base where water is recirculated back up to the blade. Enhance the experience by adding broad coping stones, inviting you to relax by the poolside, basking in the evening glow while lazily trailing your hand in the water.

Pondless cascades, scuppers & fountains

Pond-less cascades, scuppers, and fountains offer an innovative approach to water features. By employing concealed collection pools topped with permeable materials like cobbles and pebbles, you can create the illusion of a pond-less cascade. This design not only enhances safety, particularly around young children, but also provides ample visual and sensory stimulation, offering peace of mind alongside aesthetic appeal.

Stepped cascades

Stepped cascades not only add visual appeal but also provide a recreational area for relaxation, especially on hot days. Constructing by building company the cascades with terraced or stepped tiers encourages people to interact with the water feature, inviting them to walk and play within the cascade. When designing, it’s essential to signal both function and form, so wider and easily navigable steps indicate an invitation for playful engagement.

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Running water

Brooks, streams, and rivulets, sometimes referred to as miniature rivers, are delightful water features that infuse tranquility and natural beauty into any outdoor setting. These meandering watercourses serve as dynamic focal points, gracefully winding their way through gardens.

Typically characterised by a gentle flow, streams and rivulets create a calming ambiance as water gently cascades over rocks and pebbles. Their smaller scale enhances the garden’s aesthetics, offering subtle yet impactful beauty.

Their adaptability makes them suitable for various garden styles, from rustic countryside landscapes to modern urban settings. Incorporating bridges, stepping stones, or natural banks further elevates their visual allure, fostering an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and reflection.

Streams & brooks

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a natural stream running through your property. But if you don’t, don’t worry! Artificial streams and brooks can add character and interest to your garden, and with a bit of imagination and know-how, River.ODP, the building company can integrate them into gardens of all sizes.

For a formal touch, consider creating well-maintained stream with defined edges, perfect for wooden footbridges. This style of water features is often seen in larger ornamental gardens.

For a more relaxed, rustic feel, opt for boulders, paving stones, and densely planted shrubs with overhanging foliage to shape the banks of your stream or brook.

Rills, runlets & rivulets

Rills, runlets, and rivulets offer charming water feature options, especially for smaller properties. These narrow watercourses, typically less than 600 mm wide, add a touch of elegance to any garden. Rills, with their formal appearance, can serve as visual guides, directing attention towards key garden features. Additionally, they can effectively delineate spaces, providing unique boundaries between different areas of your garden.

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Streams & Brooks
Rills & Rivulets
Streams & Brooks
Garden ponds
Modern ponds
water bowls & Birdbaths
Reflective water
Garden ponds
garden lakes
large ponds

Standing Water

Standing water features span a broad spectrum of sizes, ranging from expansive lakes to diminutive birdbaths. What unifies them is their tranquil stillness and reflective allure, captivating viewers with the interplay of light and shadows dancing upon their surface.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, standing water features play a crucial role in fostering biodiversity and supporting wildlife. Lakes, garden ponds, and natural swimming pools serve as vital habitats and watering holes for diverse fauna, while their waters can be enriched with a variety of aquatic plants, including hydrophytes and macrophytes, enhancing both the visual and ecological richness of the garden environment.

Garden ponds

Garden ponds offer a classic water features option that can be tailored to suit your outdoor setting. They provide opportunities for customisation with water features like mini fountains, diverse aquatic flora, and the addition of fish. Incorporating water lilies into your pond can bring vibrant bursts of colour during the summer months. While garden ponds are typically excavated, smaller raised versions are also popular, often offering seating along their edges for tranquil waterside enjoyment.

Decorative modern Ponds

Modern garden ponds are elevated in style and architecture compared to typical garden ponds. Constructed by professional building company and positioned nearer to the home and hardscape areas like patios and seating zones, they serve as focal points emphasising the garden’s architectural elements. Their purpose is to harmonise with the overall design scheme, aligning with the broader aesthetic of the garden and property.

These garden ponds offer ideal opportunities for strategic placement of submerged and perimeter lighting, adding a captivating visual appeal after sunset.

Water Bowls & Tetsu Bachi, Birdbath and other tanks

Incorporating various water features like garden troughs, tanks, birdbaths, and water bowls, including the elegant Tetsu Bachi bowls from Japanese tradition, into your garden offers numerous benefits. These water features not only enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space but also attract wildlife, including birds, adding natural charm and vitality. Whether crafted from stone, wood, metal, or other materials, each water feature brings its own unique character and aesthetic value to your garden. Additionally, the reflective surfaces of water bowls and birdbaths can enhance the play of light, creating a serene atmosphere and providing birds with a restful spot to drink and bathe. Overall, these water features serve as both functional elements and aesthetic focal points, enriching your garden with beauty, tranquility, and ecological diversity.

Reflective water

Reflective water features like reflection lakes or swimming ponds offer significant visual appeal and aesthetic impact, serving as captivating focal points in any garden landscape. Whether positioned to mirror architectural elements or scenic views, these water features add a touch of elegance and sophistication to outdoor spaces. Typically shallow in depth (300mm or less) and situated near the property, reflection ponds require ample space to achieve their desired effect.

One drawback of reflection ponds or lakes is their space requirements. Due to the viewing angle from which they are observed, the image reflected in the water may appear foreshortened, necessitating a wider pond. This allows for sufficient surface area to capture the entirety of the reflection, from its base to the desired height of the property or landscape. Despite this limitation, reflection lakes exude a breath-taking allure and possess an undeniable wow-factor. To ensure proper design and construction of such water features, it is essential to consult a professional building company.

Garden lakes and large ponds

If your property boasts ample land, a spacious garden ponds or lakes can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your garden scenery. Moreover, these water features can substantially boost the local ecosystem, fostering diverse wildlife and flourishing flora.

Designing a lake involves numerous factors to contemplate. Would you prefer islands, beaches, reed beds, lily pads, or perhaps jetties and decks? Considering the scale of these projects and the extensive planning required, seeking guidance from the River ODP building company and landscape designer is highly advisable to ensure a successful outcome.

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Natural swimming

Natural swimming has had somewhat of a resurgence. This isn’t for everyone, but everyone can benefit from the joys of natural swimming, humans and animals alike. To bathe in fresh, clean water with no chemicals (how water is intended to be), is not only better for the human skin but also for all the plants and animals around the body of water. To be immersed in nature is a truly enlightening experience. As a professional building company, River ODP has many years of knowledge and numerous options to curate the perfect natural swimming experience and other water features for you. Contact River ODP today to explore the possibilities further.

Swimming Ponds

Swimming ponds (or Swim ponds), rich in diverse flora and fauna, are a place where one can swim in clean fresh water and be surrounded by the natural world, a harmonious and enlightening experience. River ODP, building company pride ourselves on the excellent water quality we provide to our valued customers. The Swimming ponds seamlessly integrate into the garden, providing an appealing ambiance year-round. Even in winter they are a delightful wild place to be around or immerse oneself in the icy waters (be brave, only the brave prosper).

Read more about Swimming Ponds

Natural swimming pools

Let building company River ODP transform your garden oasis into a refreshing retreat with a natural swimming pools. These Eco-friendly alternatives to traditional pools blend seamlessly with the landscape, providing a serene and inviting space for relaxation and recreation. Featuring natural filtration systems and lush aquatic plants, they offer a chemical-free swimming experience while attracting wildlife and enhancing biodiversity. Dive into the beauty of a natural swimming pools and immerse yourself in nature’s tranquillity in your very own  garden.


Fresh water Pools

For health-conscious individuals, a chemical-free freshwater swimming pool with pristine water is often a coveted dream. With natural, biological filtration systems, these freshwater swimming pools offer not only health safety but also maintain exceptional water clarity. Despite relying on innovative technology, this pool maintains the classic elegance of traditional designs. Seamlessly integrated into a beautifully landscaped garden, it becomes more than just a swimming spot, serving as a central aesthetic water feature perfect for relaxation and immersing oneself in nature.


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Swimming Pond
Natural Swimming Pool
Fresh water pool
Pools Waterfalls
Water games

Water playground

Turn your garden into a water playground with fun water features for everyone to enjoy! From cascading waterfalls in pools to towering vertical fountains, splash pads, and playful water games like jets and jumping jets, there’s endless fun to be had. Let the sounds of laughter and splashing fill your garden as friends and family cool off and create unforgettable memories together.

pools waterfalls

Pools with waterfalls combine the refreshing appeal of a natural swimming pools with the serene ambiance of cascading water. The waterfall feature not only adds aesthetic beauty but also enhances the pool’s filtration and oxygenation, creating a more enjoyable and healthier swimming environment.

jeux d’eau - water games & splash pads

During the mid-16th century, the term jeux d’eau emerged to encompass various water features found in the grand residences of French nobility. Today, we interpret it more directly, referring to “water games” or water features that are playful and interactive. While often found in public spaces like piazzas, they are equally fitting for a range of playful water features in home settings. Why not have this fun in your own garden? It’s a great way to bring joy to the whole family while enhancing your outdoor space.

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design elements

Compact Water Features

If your garden area is limited but you still crave the soothing presence of water, consider these space-saving options:

  • Freestanding Vertical Plinth Fountain: With the nozzle submerged in a pool, this compact fountain serves as an elegant centrepiece while conserving space.
  • Japanese Water Features: Iwa Bachi, Natsume Bachi, and Tetsu Bachi combine bamboo water pipes with basins, offering a minimalist yet captivating water element.
  • Small Ornamental Ponds: Even in confined areas, ponds as small as one meter wide can deliver the visual impact you desire.
  • Wall-Mounted Sconce Fountains: Perfect for installation against existing walls, these fountains fit snugly into nooks or alcoves, maximising space.
  • Flowing Jugs and Urns: These standalone water features mimic the charm of plinth fountains, providing a touch of elegance in compact settings.
  • Feature Wall Water Blade Scuppers: These narrow scuppers deliver a gentle flow of water, making them ideal for introducing water features even in limited wall space.


When envisioning the vista you want to create, take into account the background, scale, and depth of your garden area. 

Utilising height changes and terracing can create the illusion of a larger, more expansive space, adding depth to smaller gardens.

Think about the backdrop of your water features. What does the view look like from both within your property and out to the surrounding landscape? Consider whether your water features will require additional screening or backdrop to enhance its appearance.

When exploring water features ideas to enhance your garden’s surroundings, consider the following:

  • Using water features to add visual interest to expansive open spaces.
  • Utilising water features to guide the eye toward specific views or features.
  • Incorporating varying heights to create a sense of depth in your garden.
  • Enhancing plain facades and walls with water features.
  • Using strategic screening and planting to complement and accentuate the water features.

What’s going in your pond or lake?

When designing a new garden ponds or lakes, there’s much to consider beyond the perimeter and surrounding space.

The water itself presents opportunities for enhancement:

  • Plant Selection: Carefully choose aquatic plants to introduce, not only for aesthetics but also to oxygenate the water and support ecosystem balance.
  • Fish Stocking: Determine whether to introduce fish species to the water body, considering factors such as biodiversity and ecosystem health.
  • Structural Elements: Explore the possibility of incorporating stepping stones, walkways, or bridges to enhance accessibility and visual appeal while maintaining harmony with the natural environment.

Sculptures & objet d’art styles

When integrating sculptures and art into water features, the possibilities for enhancing aesthetic appeal are vast.

Consider the style, material, and placement of the artwork to harmonise with your overall design theme.

Reflect on whether you prefer representational or abstract pieces, crafted from natural or man-made materials, and leaning towards contemporary or traditional aesthetics. Additionally, contemplate whether the art will serve as a focal point or play a supporting role adjacent to the water feature. These decisions will shape the visual impact and ambiance of your outdoor space, adding layers of creativity and personality to the design.

Fountain nozzle type

If you’re considering installing a fountain, selecting the right style of fountainhead or nozzle is crucial.

  • Standard Nozzle: This option produces a turbulent jet flow, adjustable in size by water pressure, suitable for both vertical and horizontal installations.
  • Fan Nozzle: Ideal for vertical setups, this fountainhead divides the flow into multiple jets, forming a delta-fan shape for a visually striking effect.
  • White-Water Foam Nozzle: This choice generates a frothy white-water foam jet, providing a voluminous and visually captivating display.
  • Laminar Flow Nozzle: These nozzles create smooth, solid flows resembling cylindrical beams of water, offering a sleek and elegant appearance.

Choice of materials

Material selection plays a crucial role in the aesthetics of landscaping and building projects, including water features.

When choosing materials for your water features, durability in contact with water is essential to prevent erosion over time.

Consider both the visual and auditory aspects of the materials:

  • Stainless Steel: Offers a reflective surface that complements moving water beautifully.
  • Bronze: Exhibits deep, rich colours and a striking contrast between burnished and unworn areas.
  • Stone: Weathered natural stone lends a rustic charm to your water features.
  • Concrete: Allows for casting into intricate shapes and engineering features that may be challenging or costly in stone.
  • Porcelain: Waterproof properties make it ideal for protecting areas from water permeation, such as cladding walls.
  • Wood: Can gracefully decay over time or be treated with oils for preservation in water features.
  • Bamboo: Offers better durability than wood in aquatic environments, providing an organic aesthetic that lasts longer.
  • Glass: Offers a modern and sleek aesthetic that can complement contemporary garden designs. Its transparency allows for unique visual effects, especially when combined with lighting elements.

Custom design & builds


For those seeking a one-of-a-kind water feature that truly stands out, opting for a bespoke design guided by building company River.ODP may be the way to go. This approach involves careful planning, visualisation, and meticulous attention to detail in collaboration with River.ODP’s skilled artisans and trusted building company.

The River.ODP team prioritise clear communication and thorough discussions to ensure your vision is accurately captured. We offer scaled drawings and aim for an agreed fixed-cost price before proceeding with any construction or fabrication. It’s crucial to review all dimensions and materials against the signed-off drawings before finalising delivery and agreeing a start date. This ensures everything aligns with your specifications and makes for a pleasurable building experience start to finish.


A water features are an elements in a garden or space that incorporates water for aesthetic and auditory appeal. Common types include fountains, garden ponds, waterfalls, and streams or even natural swimming pools. Water features add visual interest and the soothing sound of flowing water to outdoor spaces. The building company River.ODP offers bespoke water features installations that enhance the beauty and tranquillity of your garden.

Examples of water features include fountains, garden ponds, lakes waterfalls, streams, and birdbaths. Each type provides different visual and auditory experiences, from the gentle trickle of a fountains to the dynamic flow of a waterfalls. The building company River.ODP can customise any of these water features to suit your garden’s design and personal preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for your outdoor space .

Water features can be safe for dogs, especially those designed with pet safety in mind. It’s important to ensure that the water is not treated with harmful chemicals if pets are likely to drink from it. Dogs can drink from water features if the water is untreated or uses pet-safe treatments. River ODP, a building company will happily design a dog-friendly water feature with you, ensuring that they are safe and enjoyable for all family members, including your pets .

Water features and water fountains, are generally not expensive to run. The primary costs involve electricity for the pump and occasional water top-ups. Utilising energy-efficient pumps and solar-powered options can significantly reduce running costs. The building company, River.ODP offers various water features solar solutions that harness solar energy, making your water feature more Eco-friendly and cost-effective.

The electricity consumption of water features, such as garden fountains and garden ponds pumps, depends on the pump’s wattage. Typically, pumps can use between 25 to 400 watts per hour. To minimise electricity usage, it’s advisable to choose energy-efficient models and use timers to control the operating hours. the building company River.ODP can help you select and install the most efficient water features for your garden, ensuring it operates economically .

It’s not necessary to leave your water features, such as a garden fountains or pond pump, on all the time. Using a timer to operate the pump during peak viewing times or specific hours of the day can help save electricity and reduce wear on the pump. Turning your water feature off at night can also save energy and reduce operational costs. Here at River ODP we recommend using timers to manage your water feature’s operation, optimising energy usage and extending the life of your equipment.

Running a water fountain is generally affordable. The primary expense is the electricity for the pump, which can be minimised by using energy-efficient models and solar-powered options. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and checking the pump, ensures the fountain operates smoothly without incurring high costs. River.ODP offers a range of economical and sustainable water fountain solutions for your garden.

Natural water features mimic natural landscapes and ecosystems, such as garden ponds, streams, and waterfalls. These features use rocks, plants, and sometimes fish to create a balanced, self-sustaining environment that enhances the natural beauty of your garden. The building company River.ODP specialises in designing and building natural water features that integrate seamlessly into your garden, providing both aesthetic and ecological benefits.

Running a water feature in the UK is generally affordable, especially with energy-efficient pumps and timers. The main cost is electricity, which can be minimised with efficient systems and solar power options. The cost to run a water feature varies based on the pump’s wattage and operating hours. On average, running a pump can cost from a few pence to over a pound per day, depending on the efficiency of the pump and local electricity rates. The building company River.ODP provides detailed cost estimates and helps you choose the most cost-effective water feature solutions for your garden .

Many water features are self-contained and do not require plumbing. They recirculate water using a built-in pump. However, larger or more complex installations may need plumbing for water supply and drainage. River.ODP can assess your specific needs and provide the appropriate plumbing solutions if required, ensuring seamless integration of your water feature into your garden.

Yes, you can have a water features without electricity by using solar-powered pumps. These eco-friendly options harness solar energy to power the pump, eliminating the need for an electrical connection. The building company River.ODP provides a range of solar-powered water features that are both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for enhancing your garden without increasing your energy bills.

The frequency of changing water in a water feature depends on its size and type. Generally, water should be topped up as needed to maintain levels, and completely changed periodically to prevent algae and maintain cleanliness. River.ODP can provide maintenance schedules and services to ensure your water feature remains clean and attractive year-round.

To keep a water feature algae-free, use natural treatments, regular cleaning, and ensure proper filtration. Adding beneficial bacteria, using algaecides, and reducing direct sunlight exposure can help prevent algae growth. The building company River.ODP offers comprehensive maintenance services and tips to keep your water feature clear and beautiful throughout the year.

Water features work by circulating water through a pump, which may include additional filtration systems to maintain water quality. The pump recirculates the water, creating movement and the desired visual and auditory effects. The building company River.ODP designs and installs water features with efficient pumps and filtration systems, ensuring they operate smoothly and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden .

A water wall or water curtain is a type of water feature where water flows down a vertical surface, creating a sheet or curtain of water. These can be installed on garden walls or as standalone features, often incorporating LED lighting to enhance their visual appeal at night. Water walls add a modern and sophisticated touch to garden spaces.

Installing a waterfall or stream involves planning the route, excavating the area, and installing a liner to prevent leaks. Rocks and pebbles are added to create natural-looking water features, and a pump circulates the water from a lower pond to the top of the waterfall or stream. Regular maintenance, such as checking for leaks and cleaning the pump, is essential to keep the feature functioning well .

Cascades are a series of small steps or drops in a stream or river that create a small waterfall effect. They differ from waterfalls in that they consist of multiple small drops rather than one large drop. Cascades add a dynamic and naturalistic element to garden water features.

A garden rill is a narrow channel of water, often formal in design, that runs through a garden. Rills can be simple and linear, adding a modern touch to garden design, or more naturalistic, mimicking small streams. They are typically shallow and lined with materials like stone or metal to create a clean and elegant look.

Yes, many water features can be operated using solar power. Solar-powered pumps are an Eco-friendly option that harnesses energy from the sun to circulate water, reducing the need for electrical connections and lowering operational costs. Solar power is particularly effective for smaller features like fountains and small cascades.

Garden streams are typically smaller and more narrow than garden rivers. Streams often meander through the garden, creating a more natural and relaxed look, while rivers can be broader and more pronounced, serving as a major landscape feature. Both add movement and sound, enhancing the garden’s ambiance. These options usually require a natural and or constant water source. The building company River.ODP team will advise on a case by case basis. 

Yes, water features can be designed to fit small gardens. Options like wall-mounted fountains, compact cascades, and small rills can add water elements to limited spaces without overwhelming the area. The building company River.ODP specialises in creating custom water features that enhance even the smallest garden spaces.

We River.ODP building company are situated in Eastbourne/Hailsham and carry out water features installations around East Sussex, Kent, Surrey – South UK. As professional water features installers and water features contractor, we can travel to any location in the UK if needed.

River.ODP, an experienced building company and water features contractor, designs and builds these water features to the highest standards. We proudly serve a wide range of East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent and Surrey areas, including:
Ashford, Kent | Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex | Bognor Regis, West Sussex | Brighton and Hove, East Sussex | Burgess Hill, East Sussex | Camberley, Surrey | Canterbury, Kent | Caterham, Surrey | Chatham, Kent | Chichester, West Sussex | Cobham, Surrey | Crawley, West Sussex | Crowborough, East Sussex | Dartford, Kent | Deal, Kent | Dover, Kent | East Grinstead, West Sussex | Eastbourne, East Sussex | Egham, Surrey | Epsom, Surrey | Esher, Surrey | Ewell, Surrey | Farnham, Surrey | Folkestone, Kent | Frimley, Surrey | Gillingham, Kent | Godalming, Surrey | Gravesend, Kent | Guildford, Surrey | Hailsham, East Sussex | Hastings, East Sussex | Haywards Heath, West Sussex | Herne Bay, Kent | Horley, Surrey | Horsham, West Sussex | Leatherhead, Surrey | Lewes, East Sussex | Littlehampton, West Sussex | Maidstone, Kent | Margate, Kent | Newhaven, East Sussex | Northfleet, Kent | Peacehaven, East Sussex | Portslade by Sea, East Sussex | Ramsgate, Kent | Redhill, Surrey | Reigate, Surrey | Rochester, Kent | Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent | Seaford, East Sussex | Sevenoaks, Kent | Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex | Sittingbourne, Kent | Staines, Surrey | Tonbridge, Kent | Uckfield, East Sussex | Walton-on-Thames, Surrey | Weybridge, Surrey | Whitstable, Kent | Woking, Surrey | Worthing, West Sussex and surrounding areas.

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